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10 September, 2019

Sprint 32 Release Notes

Sprint 32 Release Notes

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How to run a photo studio with lean principles and software tailored for creatives.


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Hi there

We have launched some great updates to Creative Force and are happy to share the release notes with you!

Happy reading!

Cheers Matthias and the product team


Ignore products

If a product is not producible, for example, due to a missing or defective sample, the user is now able to highlight the product as 'to be ignored' in the job. Product data and assets of the 'Ignored product' are still accessible in the job, but it does not count as a todo any more.


Optional Inclip for ghost mannequin

The inclip for the ghost mannequin positions can now be optional. To enable optional inclips on a style guide, the user needs to define a fallback template (Pixelz API) or folder (External vendor FTP) in the external post-production setting.


Support supplementary assets

In preparation of future functionality around exception handling, we are now supporting the upload of supplementary assets. Supplementary assets can be defined as additional images which are not the final images but are still good and valuable to keep/store. Instead of saving supplementary images on the various photographer's computers, the user is now able to upload them via Kelvin to store and access them attached to the product/outfit in gamma.

The upload of supplementary assets can be activated on workflow level.

Supplementary assets will never go to the internal/external post-production step but can be delivered to a destination via asset delivery.


Additional features and improvements

Connection check - The connection for the asset delivery locations will be checked and the status indicated once its set up.


Asset preview from slide-in - A preview for the asset is now also available from the product slide-in.


Filter 'Status' - Products can now also be filtered by their production status.


Rich text - Rich text is now supported on the style guide description and internal post retouching briefing.

Performance improvements - Improvements for page loading and caching.

Delivery of 'non-selects' and supplementary images - Assets which have not been selected as finals, can now be delivered via 'asset delivery'. The delivery of 'non-selects' and 'supplementary assets' can be activated on workflow level.



Auto-update bugfix

With Kelvin version 1.10.0 we have fixed the issue some users experienced with Kelvin not updating automatically.

To install Kelvin version 1.10.0 please:

  • Uninstall/delete old Kelvin version (from version 1.8.0 and earlier)
  • Download and install the latest version of Kelvin here. (No admin password required)

Notice: If the user does not uninstall the old Kelvin version, he will be forced updated to a deprecated version on 11/09/2019.



Show recently produced images

In HUEs Photoshop panel we will display previously produced assets (if available) of the same style guide position the editor is currently working on.

Questions, ideas or feedback?

We're striving to create the best product for you and your team! Feel free to drop us a line via email/chat or submit your ideas and feedback directly to our product team via product@creativeforce.io.

Creative Force Blog

How to run a photo studio with lean principles and software tailored for creatives.


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