360s, AR/VR, and Virtual Influencers (with Rick Allen of Hogarth Australia)

Rick Allen

Rick Allen
Photographic Operations Manager, HOGARTH AUSTRALIA

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Podcast Episode 33


Rick Allen of Hogarth Australia joins the show to talk about the current biggest segment of computational assets in use today, the 360 spin, and we explore some other things the future might bring with regards to AR, VR, GAN Generated Imagery, and we talk a bit about Rozy, Korea's virtual influencer.

Key Takeaways

  • 360 rotational assets seem to stop and start as content that brands want to use, but in some segments, like shoes and appliances, there is a clear benefit.
  • AR will develop into technology that allows us to virtually try on items, perhaps even becoming an in-store shopping feature, where we can check out items virtually to decide if we want to try them on physically.
  • LED technology that creates large backdrops, that are actually screens (like The Mandalorian Soundstage), could come down in price enough to be feasible for an e-comm studio, creating a significantly more sustainable way to capture editorial content.
  • Studios today should be preparing their pipelines for the data and processing needs of AR. We have yet to see what this technology can do for e-comm, but it could be a seismic shift in how we create content.

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