A Bird's-eye View of Editorial Production (with David Iscove of Cella Inc.)

David Iscove

David Iscove
Creative Technology Practice Lead, CELLA INC.

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Podcast Episode 26


David Iscove, Creative Technology Practice Lead at Cella, joins Daniel to take a high-level look at how editorial content production fits into the marketing landscape. From our bird's-eye view of editorial content production and its interface with marketing at large, we talk about the current state of marketing. We touch on how our creative production-specific technology should interface with our stakeholders, and what we can unlock when effective communication and technology are in place.

Key Takeaways

  • Cella is a creative production industry consultation firm, specializing in large-scale brands and retailers.
  • Cella surveys the industry regularly to learn about what challenges large-scale brands are encountering with creative production and marketing at large.
  • With the increase in need for content across the ever-expanding landscape of marketing channels, the need for insight into any one specific content request is greater than ever. Technology to support this for the production teams is an absolute necessity.
  • Typical project management tools are generally too broad to be very effective as a studio production management tool. The data objects that go into a studio request explode in several different directions and require very specific tools to ensure effective management.
  • To better support our marketing stakeholders, we need to aggregate data from a studio-specific management tool to give visibility outside of the studio.
  • Using the right tools and building the right communication lines can make it much easier to connect goals from the top level of the org down to individual departments and teams.
  • We need to learn to think about the true asset lifecycle. The asset does not begin when the camera clicks or the designer saves the file. The asset begins at the request and ends after analytics around performance are captured and reviewed.
  • David will be speaking as part of the Photo Studio Operations Forum 2021. Check the links below for more information.

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  • Marcom: Shorthand for Marketing Communications

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