A Degree in Photography (with Christoper Kern of CBU)

Christopher Kern

Christopher Kern
Program Lead & Assistant Professor of Photography

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Podcast Episode 53


Christopher Kern is Program Lead and Assistant Professor of Photography at CBU in Riverside, CA. Chris joins Daniel to discuss the program, the students, the studio he's built out for teaching and chat about their shared backgrounds growing up in Riverside.

Key Takeaways

  • Chris' passion for photographic education stems from his own background, pursuing an MFA in commercial photography
  • CBU photography focuses not only on teaching students how to be photographers, but how to maintain and relevant and impactful portfolio in order to enter the job market as competitive as possible
  • "The magic is not in the medium [...] most of us are in love with photography because imagery that made us feel"
  • Photography is a tool to investigate curiosities, build worlds, and express ourselves
  • CBU's footprint is about the same as USC in Los Angeles
  • CBU Photography lives off site in an industrial complex familiar to many photo studio pros
  • The program makes photography as accessible as possible to students from all over

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