A Project Management Mindset for the Studio (with David Hice of Aritzia)

David Hice

David Hice
Director of Photography Production

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Podcast Episode 59


Project Management as a discipline isn't exactly second nature to many studio teams around the world, but employing a bit of project management thinking can help inform studio stakeholder relationships, and set your studio up for success. David Hice of Aritzia joins Daniel for this episode to talk about exactly this.


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Key Takeaways

  • Even in 2022, the idea of the studio as a magic box persists. Project management thinking and communication can help alleviate this.
  • A note on scaling - scaling can go both ways. Build process that can scale up AND down when the needs arise.
  • A clear understanding of KPIs and how to measure them is critical to the project management mindset. The studio needs to know what it can and cannot do and articulate that clearly.
  • Constructive feedback on the complexity of creative requests can be very helpful to stakeholders understanding what is or is not possible.
  • This mindset can also lead to allowing creatives to CREATE more than they manage.
  • The right tools can build fluency and unify the language in the studio.

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