A Studio Origin Story (with Rob Cohen of Vizio Imaging)


Rob Cohen
Founder & Owner

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Podcast Episode 77


Joining Daniel for this episode of the show is Rob Cohen of Vizio Imaging. Rob comes from a background in consumer products, where he experienced first hand the challenges of inconsistent or low quality product photography and the impact it could have on marketing and sales. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, in response to his customers' needs and his own business seeing the impacts of the pandemic, he started Vizio imaging with an Orbitvu automated imaging device that he had brought to Israel a few years earlier.

Key Takeaways

  • Rob Cohen founded Vizio Imaging, based in Israel, at the beginning of 2020 after realizing he was going to need to react to his business slowing down due to COVID.
  • Rob had a client who needed product photos, and he decided to dig up an Orbitvu machine he had purchased years earlier to make product images for other projects.
  • Rob found that it took off. He found a niche within mid-level brands, straight product photos with varying angles, and staying away from the more subjective, higher touch work.
  • Focus and client selection are critical to success for new commercial studios.

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