Advocating for Your Creative Team in Difficult Environments (with Jen Bakija of Grainger)

Jennifer Bakija

Jennifer Bakija
Senior Manager, Visual Rich Content, GRAINGER

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Podcast Episode 6


Jen Bakija joins Daniel to discuss how to advocate for your creative team in a challenging environment. Jen has built warehouse-based studios from the ground up and staffed them with high-performing teams in the face of temperature challenges, dust and grime, loud warehouse noise, and DC safety policies. Through all of this Jen advocated for and supported her team in any way she could, finally building out a more controllable studio environment with extremely low turnover in her core team.

Key Takeaways

  • Open up lines of communication with external stakeholders who can impact your day-to-day (like fulfillment center leadership for warehouse-based studios)
  • Be honest with talent about the environment the studio exists in
  • Don't be afraid to give your team what they need to be comfortable and productive
  • Good leadership and supportive management can help overcome the challenges of operating and staffing a studio in challenging environments
  • The excitement of having ownership of a new effort can help engage teams and make them more willing to take on challenging projects
  • Cardboard boxes create their own dust! Seriously!

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