Algorithms, Synths, and the Modeling Agency of the Future (with Mark Milstein of vAIsual)

Mark Milstein

Mark Milstein

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Podcast Episode 45


Imagine a world where a creative director walks over to a workstation and says "we need a family, two parents and two kids, sitting down playing a game together." The person at the workstation punches a few keys, adjusts a few things, and boom, out comes a unique image that is exactly what the creative director asked for. Not a mock up, not a set of casting photos. The complete image, ready for use because you already own the license. You paid to license the technology, the algorithm that uses an ever growing library of hundreds of thousands of images (which also have been properly licensed) to generate this unique imagery. Our guest for this episode, Mark Milstein is Chief Operating Officer of a company called vAIsual and with the tech they've developed you may not have to imagine this world much longer.

Key Takeaways

  • vAIsual is a company that has created an algorithm and interface that creates entirely synthetic "models." These people do not exist in the real world, and are available for licensing without the legal considerations that come with hiring a real world model.
  • This technology can and will manifest in a lot of ways — SaaS, PaaS, and white label services are all in the future of this technology.
  • vAIsual shoots hundreds of thousands of images of real people every year. These individuals have signed model releases that release the rights of their biometrics to the company in order to be used as reference for the generations of synths.
  • The e-commerce photographer of the future may become something more of a synthographer, able to leverage their skills to generate content exactly in line with the creative brief.
  • This technology could allow for the extreme localization of content, allowing global brands to easily represent the various demographics they serve.

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