An Approach to Elevating Imagery and Becoming More Agile (with Heather Johnson of Rent the Runway)

Heather Johnson

Heather Johnson
Director, Production, Photography & Retouching, RENT THE RUNWAY

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Podcast Episode 22


In this episode of the show, Heather Johnson of Rent the Runway breaks down her approach to elevating the creative for Rent the Runway. They wanted to help their customers understand what Rent the Runway can help them achieve, and slowly started to change the creative direction a little at a time, to help the company's assets become more agile, while resonating more with their customers.

Key Takeaways

  • Rent the Runway was interested in moving their images from functional to more emotional, bringing the product more to life. They started small by adding some new styling guidelines within the existing art direction.
  • When shifting to a more dramatic change, they started by setting goals around what the creative should do. Not only what they WANTED to accomplish, but specifying what they AREN'T trying to do.
  • Rent the Runway recognized that their images are one of the only ways to educate their customers about style and fit.
  • Once goals were settled, they used free time in the studio to do a test shoot. Using the current studio processes, they were able to illustrate the vision for the new imagery, and understand how it impacts the current state of the studio.
  • Studio teams, post production, and leadership all had opportunities to provide feedback on the test shoot. They used learnings from this test shoot and feedback process to adjust some lighting and process, with some different backgrounds.
  • Rent the Runway had a goal of 35% image re-use (using in other channels aside from PDP), they are surpassing that goal, using PDP imagery in email campaigns, on social, etc.
  • The elevated imagery helped brand partners of RTR feel more comfortable engaging in more strategic campaigns.

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