Automated Devices for the Modern Studio (with Mark Duhaime of Orbitvu USA)

Mark Duhaime

Mark Duhaime
Managing Director

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Podcast Episode 78


Automated imaging devices have come a long way in a short period of time, both in terms of capability and the organizational understanding that these devices need to function as part of a system of tools and technology. Joining Daniel for this episode is Mark Duhaime of Orbitvu USA. Mark’s roots in our industry go back to the days of medium format film cameras, but his purpose now is working with studios to automate the parts of the process that can be automated, and help studio invest more time into the truly creative aspects of Creative Production.

Key Takeaways

  • Orbitvu was founded in Poland by the son of a camera shop owner who went to school for engineering.
  • Combining those two parts of his life led to the automated imaging device that became Orbitvu
  • Background removable was a critical element to this process, making the post production process easier
  • Orbitvu wholly controls the systems, both hardware and software, which allows for incredible inputs into the algorithms that can dramatically speed up your imaging process
  • Equipped with a turntable, Orbitvu in some cases can shoot all variants of your images automatically
  • Orbitvu USA is a consultative company. They want to help your studio succeed first and foremost
  • Templated workflows allow studios to really speed up work on set, while allowing the photographers to focus on the creative problems they need to solve
  • Orbitvu wants to automate what we can, recognizing that studios have many needs and not all aspects can or should be automated
  • Outside of Atlanta, Orbitvu just moved to a 5k sf showroom where you can see the entire device lineup in action

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