Beyond Shaping Light (with Patrik Bluhme of Profoto)

Patrik Bluhme

Patrik Bluhme
VP, Global Sales

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Podcast Episode 69


Patrik Bluhme of Profoto joins Daniel for episode 69. About a year ago, Profoto went public with an IPO and as part of that process, explained what their plan for future growth looked like. One area of opportunity that profoto identified was what they called “ecomm workflow solutions.” That can mean a lot of things, but we now know that Profoto was interested in moving into the automation space in a big way. It was announced in early April that Profoto had acquired Styleshoots. We invited Patrik to come on the show and talk about not only that, but what else the future holds for the brand.

Key Takeaways

  • Profoto has committed to making tools that support creating great light, including in the mobile space.
  • Profoto purchased StyleShoots in order to move more into automation, and bring the lessons they've learned as the industry leader in lighting to other areas of the creative production workflow.
  • For Profoto, it's also about an automated solution that is consistent with other assets created. Profoto lights it all.
  • The day of this recording, Profoto had released the A2, a soda can sized flash you can throw in any camera bag.
  • Expect more interesting announcements from Profoto and Style Shoots.

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