Content Strategy in 2021 and Beyond (with Clair Carter-Ginn of Forecast Agency)

Clair Carter-Ginn

Clair Carter-Ginn

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Podcast Episode 25


Return guest Clair Carter-Ginn joins Daniel to have an open-ended conversation about content strategy in 2021 and beyond. In a post-pandemic world, after many organizations were pushed toward remote and hybrid work environments, a given business or C-level leadership group is primed to explore new ways of doing business.

Key Takeaways

  • COVID has given businesses and leadership a new perspective on what it means to be agile.
  • We are seeing a new openness at the C-suite level to a new and bold future of how work gets done.
  • The keys are communication, breaking down silos, and complete organizational alignment on goals.
  • Adopting a clear scope of work can also drive alignment and help facilitate remote and hybrid work.
  • Clair is conference chair for the upcoming Photo Studio Ops 2021 web conference, put on by Henry Stewart Events. See link below for info and to register.

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