In this "Deep Cuts" episode of the E-commerce Content Creation Podcast, we're rounding up all of the past guests of this show who will be speaking at the upcoming Henry Stewart Events Photo Studio Ops Forum 2021, on October 5th. No less than 7 past guests of this podcast will be speakers at the event and you can hear from them in this episode where we compiled a selection of clips.

Photo Studio Operations Forum

Key Takeaways

  • Clip 1 is Clair Carter-Ginn from Episode 8, Casting in the New Age of E-commerce
  • Clips 2 and 3 are Carrie Crow from Episode 10, Guiding a Studio Through Hyper Growth
  • Clips 4, 5, and 6 are Curren Calhoun from Episode 15, a Lean Approach to Technology in your Studio
  • Clips 7 and 8 are Colleen Moore from Episode 12, the Adaptable and Agile Studio
  • Clips 9 and 10 are Ali McLeod from Episode 13, Trust, Transparency, and Fluency
  • Clip 11 is Brian Guidry from Episode 2, Successful Outsourcing for your Lean Creative Studio

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