Efficiency (with Phillip Kirst of Spice Media Production)

Phillip Kirst

Phillip Kirst

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Podcast Episode 39


Phillip Kirst, founder of Spice Media, joins Daniel to talk about efficiency. Everything from starting small to measuring and evaluating, to fostering process improvement from your team.

Key Takeaways

  • Efficiency is ever-evolving. Experience and heuristics help find efficiencies in your process.
  • Low hanging fruit or big wins aren't the only way to get efficient. Small improvements in the aggregate can have huge impacts on overall savings.
  • Seconds saved on several thousand pictures have a big return.
  • Commercial studios have to balance many factors that dictate how efficient they can be. Client-specific needs can change the calculus.
  • There isn't ONE thing you need to do to achieve an efficient process. But it does start with selecting the right team. A curious team is a team that creatively solves problems to achieve shared goals.
  • You cannot manage you do not measure.
  • Getting data isn't only important, but how you collect the data makes a difference.

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