Embracing a Broad Definition of Inclusive (with Jessica Lopez)

Jessica Lopez

Jessica Lopez
Art Director

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Podcast Episode 52


Art Director Jessica Lopez joins Daniel to go deep on inclusive casting for e-commerce. The discussion ranges from the current state of inclusiveness in e-commerce media, to the ground we have yet to cover, to what future technology might enable for shoppers of all shapes, sizes, abilities, and needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Inclusion has become a much bigger topic in recent years, but we can really expand and embrace a broader definition of inclusive.
  • Some brands have been at the forefront of inclusion and going so far as to give the user a choice of what skin tone and body type they would like to see.
  • While there are some agencies that specialize in adaptive model talent, they are few and there is an opportunity for new agencies in the industry that can advance this effort.
  • Campaigns have often used non-traditional models, but sometimes it can be seen as tokenism, especially when the product offering is inaccessible to certain people or communities, or its used to generate buzz.
  • Ecomm is still often left out of the diversity initiatives, sticking with a certain type and size of model.

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