Evolving the Commercial Studio Work Force (with Tim Dalal of Lifetime Brands)

Timothy Dalal
Managing Senior Photographer

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Podcast Episode 74


Daniel is joined by Tim Dalal of Lifetime Brands. Tim is a longtime commercial photographer based in New York City. After an entire career running his own commercial studio, he took on a position as Adjunct Photography Instructor with LaGuardia Community College, along with a role as managing senior photographer with Lifetime Brands. Tim’s experience and observations on the industry make him uniquely suited to discuss with me what the future of the commercial photography labor force might look like.

Key Takeaways

  • With the current iteration of e-commerce creative production becoming a more mature industry, the need exists for some standards in terms of training, terminology, and compensation for experience.
  • This might look similar to cousin industries like film production, where there are distinct requirements to earn the title of the role you inhabit.
  • Imagine Senior Photographer is a standard role that means the person inhabiting that role has attained a certain level of experience as an e-commerce photographer.
  • Something like a governing body of e-commerce creative talent can pay dividends to both employers and employees for a variety of reasons.
  • Continued education for creative talent can also be a mission of this type of arrangement.

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