FLOW Los Angeles 2022 — Tales from Hudson Loft

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Podcast Episode 51


In this episode Daniel recaps the FLOW Event at Hudson Loft in Los Angeles. Creative Force sister company Pixelz hosted the event and organized an excellent slate of speakers. Daniel takes you through the day and includes brief interviews recorded onsite at the end of the event.

Key Takeaways

  • Are you using technology for technologies sake, or is it truly adding value?
  • TROVE believes that people, products, and brands have stories, and stories are culture. Brands can capitalize on this idea as well as billions of dollars in resale revenue by controlling more of the resale of their products.
  • Sef Mccullough presented on the science of creativity and the effect that viewing imagery has on how our brains organize information. Daniel sat down with Sef for a few minutes after the event.
  • Benjamin Grimes, past guest of this podcast, presented on new and emerging technologies for the e-commerce studio. Fascinating to hear from Ben what some of the trends have been in equipment purchases over the last few years.
  • Ryan Roberts of Pixelz moderated an excellent round table discussion on planning from pre-pro to post. Mercedes Castaneda, Erin Pederson, Jason Wheeler contributed.

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