Guiding a Studio through Hyper Growth (with Carrie Crow of HelloFresh)

Carrie Crow

Carrie Crow
Associate Director, Studio Operations, HELLOFRESH

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Podcast Episode 10


Carrie Crow of Hello Fresh joins Daniel to talk about some things she learned when Hello Fresh was acquiring brands and rapidly expanding, along with their content needs. We discuss how it's ok to get it wrong at first, and learning your lessons quickly. Carrie quickly realized that her team and space needed to be modular and nimble, constantly growing its skillset and capability while anticipating what future creative requests might be.

Key Takeaways

  • It's ok to get it wrong at first, but fail fast and move on. Leverage your learnings and always review or hindsight your work.
  • Rigid team structures and processes make it almost impossible to adapt when your company grows overnight.
  • Cross-training teams to make sure that any one creative team member can produce content for any channel is important to agility and business continuity.
  • Offering the opportunity for your teams to build portfolios is a great way to attract top talent and engage teams.
  • In NYC, if you need a tiger on set, Carrie can help you out.
  • When planning is difficult, you can always look at the worst case scenario and determine a plan.

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  • Steve Giralt: Visual Engineer, Director, and Photographer at The Garage which is NYC-based content studio that specializes in engineering incredible video content through the use of robotics, AI and human ingenuity.

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