Innovation, Safety, and Social Media (with Martin Torner of Matthews Studio Equipment)


Martin Torner
Content Director

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Podcast Episode 72


If you're like many people, having grown up in commercial photo studios, you may not have spent a lot of time interrogating the history of your grip equipment. But for Martin Torner, who spent close to 20 years as a grip working on film and television productions before joining Matthews Studio Equip., it's all about the history of innovation and serving a tight knit industry who values efficiency and safety. Martin joins me for this episode to talk about how it all started for Matthews, what it means to be a pioneer and innovator in your industry, and how social media and supporting smaller scale creators plays into it for this legendary equipment manufacturer.

Key Takeaways

  • Matthews has been in business for over 50 years, and was born from the extraordinarily talented key grips and electricians of the old days of film production.
  • Matthews developed tools and systems for production that allowed for great advancements in how film productions were produced and much of that informs how we work in e-commerce photo studios.
  • Safety is paramount at Matthews, and social media is key in getting that message out.
  • Matthews has always been good at viral video, going back to the founder riding a dolly down his driveway to show what it was capable of.
  • Matthews believes in servicing all creators, from the individual content creators to full scale big budget film production.

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