Managing the Complexity of Product Photos in the Field (with Kim Dirmaier of Burton Snowboards)


Kim Dirmaier
Global Post-Production Lead

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Podcast Episode 75


Kim Dirmaier of Burton Snowboards joins Daniel for this episode of the podcast and we discuss the role that location shoots with athletes plays into PDP imagery at burton and the complications that can arise and the organization required to manage so many inputs coming from all over the world.

Key Takeaways

  • Burton has started using more imagery from the field on PDP pages to help support sales and product photography.
  • This presents some challenges to traditional studio and post production teams.
  • Images now come in from all over the world as athletes are in the field training, competing and performing.
  • Art direction is impacted by this and has made concessions to make it easier to make selects for use on the site.
  • Post production teams getting involved in conversations early can help ease pains later on that may not have been.

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