Overcoming the Unexpected with Your In-House Creative Team (with Doug Wallstrom of Vera Bradley)

Doug Wallstrom

Doug Wallstrom
Director of Photography, VERA BRADLEY.

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Podcast Episode 31


Doug Wallstrom of Vera Bradley joins Daniel in this episode to share some stories that highlight the unique ability of the in-house editorial team to overcome the unexpected and get the shots they need to move the business forward.

Key Takeaways

  • Agency relationships are quite important to businesses big and small. Similarly, the in-house team has its own strengths that can help a business achieve its content goals.
  • The ability to pivot creative, try new things, test an idea to have something to show the C-Suite, are all things the in-house team can help with.
  • Being able to decentralize production, specifically spreading out key elements of a production to overcome adverse weather, can help institutionalize some of our industry learnings from the pandemic.
  • Doug pleaded guilty to the studio crime of changing the playlist mid-shoot. Since he changed it to The Clash, he was lightly sentenced to time served.

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