Photo Studio Operations Live! (with David Hice of Aritzia)

David Hice

David Hice
Director of Photography Production

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Podcast Episode 61


On May 4th 2022 The E-commerce Content Creation Podcast was recorded in front of a LIVE audience at Photo Studio Operations 2022 in New York City hosted by Henry Stewart Events. Recording an episode in front of a live audience is something we have wanted to do since virtually day one of this show, and this event in New York was the perfect opportunity. David Hice of Aritzia joins me for a second round as a guest and we dig a little deeper into some of the topics from his first episode as well as take audience questions.

Key Takeaways

  • This episode was recorded in front of a live audience at the Henry Stewart Events Photo Studio Operations 2022.
  • Daniel learned not to clip his lav mic to a name badge lanyard, sorry Calvin.
  • Know you KPIs! A project managers mindset for the studio requires a deep understanding of the capabilities of your studio and how that capability impacts studio KPIs.
  • Granularity in your metrics can be difficult to achieve, but provide deep value to studio leadership in order to forecast production throughput.
  • This information can help inform the "Why." Why the studio can or can't do something, and help your cross functional partners understand the impact of the ask.
  • Insulating your creatives (to an extent) can help protect their ability to create without getting bogged down in non-value added processes.
  • We need to do a better job of learning what is creative and what is technical. Creatives sometimes get wrapped up in technical processes and mistaking it for a creative process.
  • Anything we can do to reduce certain touch points, and remove the possibility for parts of the process to fail, can help enhance the creative parts of the process.

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