Physical Studio Space Considerations (with Kevin Mason of Studio Workflow Limited)

Kevin Mason

Kevin Mason

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Podcast Episode 34


Kevin Mason has been in photography for a long time working for organizations like Amazon, TopShop TopMan, and most recently consulting in creative production with his company Studio Workflow. Kevin also has a degree in interior architecture and having consulted on some big studio builds, Daniel sat down with him to discuss his approach to building a new space.

Key Takeaways

  • Identifying the Space: Key stakeholders and members of the business unit should be involved as much as possible in choosing a space. The space matters a lot when it comes to physical workflows.
  • You need clarity on what you're trying to achieve. Do you need more space to store product? Are you building a flagship studio to attract talent or brands?
  • Like many things in business, understand your goals and identify ways to achieve them with your physical space.
  • Evaluating your entire workflow to understand output and how it may be improved, will have an impact on how many sets you may need in the new space.
  • Art direction also plays a role in space needs. How much light control do we need? How high should the ceilings be?
  • Do what you can to extend the brand experience into your studio. This helps your talent feel engaged WITH the brand while creating content FOR the brand.

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