Planning for Disruption (with Rob Regovich of Malouf Companies)

Rob Regovich

Rob Regovich
Photo Studio Manager, MALOUF COMPANIES

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Podcast Episode 42


Rob Regovich of Malouf Companies joins Daniel to take on the topic of planning for your studio in the face of disruption. We touch on the core challenges of planning for any studio, how your team and studio size impact the planning process, on how data and analytics play a role in this.

Key Takeaways

  • The single biggest planning problem for a studio is getting the sample in the studio. Before any other factors caused further delays, simply knowing when the sample would be received was already difficult.
  • Studio size also has an impact on planning. How much capacity does a studio have, how much can a studio produce.
  • Balancing a full-time team, with the ability to expand with freelance talent can have an impact on planning and timing.
  • Consider your samples teams the lynchpin of your studio. Effective sample or merchandise coordinators must be fluent in the languages of all stakeholders involved in getting samples to the studio.
  • Experienced sample teams can get way ahead of problems before the issue hits the creative teams.
  • Data collection and planning are critical to planning. And you need GOOD data, that spans long periods because outliers in production often have an outsized impact.

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