Process Improvement 101 (with Kevin Mason of Studio Workflow Limited)

Kevin Mason

Kevin Mason

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Podcast Episode 44


Kevin Mason of studio workflow is back for another round to discuss Process Improvement. We start at the beginning, how do we get the perspective we need to evaluate the process, and the how do we drill down from there. Spoiler alert, many recurring themes that you've heard on this show play into success process review. Not the least of which is how we set and communicate business, studio, and individual goals.

Key Takeaways

  • A studio is an ecosystem of sorts, with a lot of different types of people and talent, and sometimes priorities compete. That's why leadership needs to sometimes make decisions that may impact parts of the team. Clear communication is key to understand and smooth improvement process.
  • Individual goals that align with studio goals that align with business goals are vital to effective process improvement or change. Teams need to understand the "why."
  • Get a birds eye view of the process. A process map is a great start, but be sure to also walk the floor, and compare what you see against the process map.
  • If your studio doesn't have a process map, just start documenting what is currently happening. Follow the product.
  • Offer opportunities to your team to Job Shadow. Your process benefits from everyone in the studio understanding what happens upstream and downstream.
  • A powerful tool to determine how current processes are functioning is to ask each task what a successful day looks like for them individually.

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