Process vs Product (with Scott Willson of Patagonia)

Scott Willson

Scott Willson
Director of Photo Studio, PATAGONIA

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Podcast Episode 24


In this episode, Daniel talks with Scott Willson of Patagonia about the unique difference of an e-comm studio when compared to an Editorial production. In an e-comm studio, it's all about building a process and allowing that to drive the product, images, and videos produced at the end. In editorial, you make a plan, but ultimately the variables are too many, sometimes without a way to control them, so you adapt and react on the fly, in service of getting that shot you need.

Key Takeaways

  • Effective studio teams and a well-built process can make production look easy because, in the e-comm studio, you strive for as few interruptions or unexpected blockers as possible.
  • Constantly reviewing the process, and anticipating and removing those blockers before they come up, is one of the keys to success for an e-comm studio that produces quality content.
  • In editorial, planning is critical, but during the shoot, there is little time to do the same kind of root cause analysis of a given problem. You do what you need to do to keep production moving, to some extent, embracing chaos.
  • As has come up on the show before, communication is critical in understanding how the unique nature of an e-comm studio adds value. When things are running well, it can look easy, but there still is a need for resources to help continue improving.

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