Relatable Content in a Post Covid World (with Mark Stocker of The Very Group)

Mark Stocker

Mark Stocker
Senior Creative Manager, THE VERY GROUP

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Podcast Episode 50


Mark Stock of The Very Group returns for a discussion on the future of relatable content in a post-covid world. Customers that were previously hesitant to shop online have become quite savvy over the last two years of almost exclusively shopping online, and our content has reflected the values that we all found solace in during a traumatic world event. Now that we seem to be moving past the COVID era, how do we as content creators respond?

Key Takeaways

  • In direct response to COVID, many retailers and their studios did what they could to keep commerce moving, shooting at home, letting go of the perfection of the merchandised studio shot and embracing an aesthetic that was more real.
  • Relatable and authenticity could be here to stay for a while, as the world slowly begins to open up again.
  • Focusing on the customer journey, and being authentic could be a trend that we see a lot in e-commerce.
  • If there's one thing we've learned, it's to be forward facing. Expect everything. Be brave and try things.
  • Video is going to be BIG for the future of relatable content.
  • Data can help drive some relatable content efforts, but you have to be careful because data can lead to content that lacks emotion.
  • Daniel made too many movie references.

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