Reporting For Your Production Studio (with Adam Parker of Creative Force)

Adam Parker

Adam Parker
Senior Customer Success & Studio Operations Specialist, CREATIVE FORCE

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Podcast Episode 21


Adam Parkers returns to talk about reporting for your production studio. Adam is the author of KPIs, Reporting, and Dashboards for E-commerce Photo Studios found at, and we talk about how to provide robust reports, relevant context, and key insights to all stakeholders inside of the studio and out.

Key Takeaways

  • When it comes to senior leadership, serve your data up on a platter: easy to digest and only include absolutely necessary context. Also, be prepared with more detailed information when or if you get questions.
  • The KPI guide breaks down how to tie your reports back to leadership/org goals, and trace them all the way back to where to get the data. Building your reporting this way helps you easily contextualize and understand the background.
  • Robust data and visibility to the data are what help teams succeed. You may meet some resistance to public studio dashboards, and you should definitely hear those concerns, but this is key to high performing teams.
  • Be humble when making assumptions about data, and ask for insight from colleagues or others with a different perspective.

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