Social Media Marketing in the New Era of E-commerce (with JR Curley of Fab Fit Fun)

JR Curley

JR Curley
VP of Brand Marketing, Fab Fit Fun

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Podcast Episode 37


Joining Daniel for this episode is JR Curley, VP of Brand Marketing at Fab Fit Fun. We talk about what Social Media really means to e-commerce in the new era of selling online, how brands can leverage social listening to give their customers what they want, and why your Social Media teams need your support and investment.

Key Takeaways

  • Social Listening through data analysis and customer interactions can provide a lot of insight into what your customers value and what they want. In some cases, it can even replace more traditional methods of forecasting and merchandising.
  • Interacting and having relationships with brands online has been and will continue to grow as the norm for e-commerce.
  • The social media manager is a very important role with a lot of inherent risk. We need to shift our thinking away from someone who is younger and more digitally native, to a much more strategic role that adds a lot of value. Invest in this role accordingly.
  • Social Media ties directly into performance for a company.
  • The analytics that we can derive from social is valuable and complex.
  • In many ways, the social media team is spokespeople for your company.
  • The various social media channels are sort of like different types of restaurants. They all serve food, and serve the same function, but there is a distinct tonal difference between a high-end restaurant and a fast-casual eatery. You have to adjust your approach accordingly.
  • Synergy amongst the departments that NEED content is critical. Marketing, including social, need to have a productive and collaborative relationship with the studio and creative teams.

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