Studio Highlight: ShowLabs, Creative Force and Orbitvu (with Danny Effron and Polly Babcock)

Danny Effron

Danny Effron
Founder & CEO

Polly Babcock

Polly Babcock
Director of Operations

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Podcast Episode 79


The Content Crisis. Danny Effron said it really well in this episode of our podcast. When a brand makes the decision to move into a new marketing space or channel, they quickly find out that requires its entire own set of assets designed to work within that space. This is why the content studio of the future needs to be able to adapt quickly, while still building a system that ensures accurate and timely work. Joining Daniel for this episode is Danny Effron and Polly Babcock of ShowLabs, a Denver based commercial studio that uses some of the most cutting edge technology available in our industry in order to meet the content crisis head on.

Key Takeaways

  • ShowLabs was founded by Danny Effron to help solve problems that retailers in the sports and outdoors space were experience with content creation
  • The Sports and Outdoors industry was a bit slower to come around on wholesale channels, focusing on D2C. They needed a way to leverage the new technology in the wholesale market.
  • ShowLabs builds structure around the content creation process. They build a framework so that brands provide all the information needed to produce exactly the right content.
  • "Content Crisis" Brands moving into new and different channels realize that they need to make content for each of these channels.
  • ShowLabs was a test studio for the Creative Force integration with Orbitvu devices. ShowLabs has been able to streamline their workflow and ensure accurate file handling and naming with this integration.
  • While the Beta had its issues, it's been quite successful.

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