Swinging the Pendulum of Cost & Quality (with Mark Stocker of The Very Group)

Mark Stocker

Mark Stocker
Senior Creative Manager, THE VERY GROUP

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Podcast Episode 35


Mark Stocker is Senior Creative Manager for The Very Group, a collection of high-volume retail brands based in Liverpool England. Mark was a speaker at the Henry Stewart Photo Studios Ops Forum back in October of 2021 and we invited him on this episode to discuss how the proverbial pendulum needs to (and is!) swing away from the lowest cost per shot possible, to a true strategic consideration capable of driving revenue in a more direct way. After all, it is the creative teams and the solutions they develop that will change the way we buy and sell digitally.

Key Takeaways

  • If there were a pendulum, with one side being "Profit Center" and the other side was "Cost Center" for Creative Production at any brand or retailer, the pendulum is probably headed to profit center. That means more investment in creative teams and creative strategy, and moving away from the pursuit of lowest cost per shot.
  • The time is now to focus on investing in the quality of creative. The pandemic has forced us to embrace EXTREME change in our processes and goals. We can save money now with our eyes closed.
  • The power of the creative mind doesn't need to actually click the button to create. It will be today's photographers and stylists that will enable the next revolution of media and e-commerce creative.
  • Investing in spaces is important to investing increasing quality.

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