The Golden Age of LED Technology (with Robert Magness of Aputure)


Robert Magness
Vice President, Sales & Marketing

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Podcast Episode 76


We live in a golden age of LED technology. It's been said before on this podcast. Think back to the early years of LED lights for almost any application and you might recall that those products fell pretty flat. Whether it was LED christmas lights, LED consumer light bulbs, or light fixtures for the studio. Since that time, LED has come a long way, and for many applications is now the leading option in both quality and price. Joining Daniel to discuss this golden age of LED technology is Robert Magness, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Aputure, one of the leading brands in LED fixtures for film and still production.

Key Takeaways

  • LED lighting has come a long way since the late 2000s, clear evidence of this is the history of LED Christmas lights.
  • Aputure was founded and is run by filmakers, who deeply care about its customers and what their needs are.
  • The future of lighting for video will be integrations and eco-systems. Expect lights to become the next thing that are enhanced by connectivity and the ability to integrate.

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