The New Era of Agile Imagery (with Lindsay More Nisbett of The Line Studios)

Lindsay More Nisbett

Lindsay More Nisbett
Founder and Brand Director, THE LINE STUDIOS

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Podcast Episode 11


Lindsay More Nisbett of The Line Studios joins Daniel on this week's episode to discuss how to plan for and successfully deliver versatile content that can serve many needs across many channels and the impact this agile imagery can have to improve customer experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Customers come to your site to understand you product. You can learn from your customer how they WANT to understand your images.
  • User Generated and Influencer content can provide low-cost contextual details on your product for your customers.
  • Large scale business interruptions can force a studio to pivot rapidly to other ways to produce content, such as influencer or crowd sourced content.
  • Your brand will also dictate what types of agile content you can employ.
  • D2C retailers can create agility in their content by building a community that understands their brand voice.
  • Lindsay will come back to discuss strategies for effective user generated content campaigns.
  • Building a foundation of agile content requires extensive pre-production planning, and a role of content or brand director can play a big part.
  • Engaging stakeholder teams in pre-production can illuminate content needs across channels and ensure that assets are captured according to specific needs.
  • MM LaFleur realized a 40% cart capture increase attributed to refreshed, thoughtful and agile imagery.
  • Capturing social content during marketing and/or ecomm shoots can ensure brand adherence even on social channels which can sometimes be difficult to maintain.

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