The New Era of User Generated Video (with Ajay Bam of Vyrill)

Ajay Bam

Ajay Bam
CEO & Co-Founder, VYRILL

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Podcast Episode 49


User generated content probably isn't going away, certainly not after it became a critical part of a content strategy for many retailers in the pandemic era. But the current state of gathering, processing, reviewing and approving UGC is manual, slow, and comes with risks sometimes. Vyrill aims to change that. Ajay Bam, CEO and co-founder of Vyrill joins the show today to talk about the platform they've developed that uses "in-video search" to tag user generated videos with the content thats in them, making the videos easily searchable for almost any enterprise or customer facing application. The implication of this technology are vast for the e-commerce world, so don't miss this episode.

Key Takeaways

  • Video isn't going anywhere. 700 million hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. More video content is being uploaded in 30 days than what major television networks in the US have created in the past 30 years.
  • Vyrill solves the problem of how to catalog the actual content of a video, and then makes it all searchable.
  • Users can search from influencer or brand videos of a product they are thinking about buying, and search to find segments of the video that shows features they are interested it.
  • Vyrill has capability to crawl videos to find videos that feature a brand or product, and can gain key insights about the video that brands can use to leverage for marketing, product development and content needs.
  • Vyrill also has a platform that allows brands to license user generated videos for use on their website.
  • Vyrill also provides meaningful and deep insights into engagement into videos
  • For the record, we were not paid by Vyrill for this episode. This is genuinely a powerful tool with the possibility to dramatically improve your video marketing strategy and effectiveness.
  • Vyrill can also provide competitive intelligence, and find out what people like or dislike about your competitors.

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