The Next Generation of E-commerce Content with Jason Hamilton of Bed Bath & Beyond

Jason Hamilton

Jason Hamilton
Snr Director, Imaging Operations, Bed Bath & Beyond

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Podcast Episode 5


Jason Hamilton of Bed Bath and Beyond joins Daniel to discuss what the future of e-commerce content could look like. We discuss the early days of product rendering, its evolution, and how today's creative teams likely fit into this new generation of content.

Key Takeaways

  • Computer renderings have the potential to overtake traditional e-commerce imagery as the process gets cheaper and faster
  • Retailers in home goods and other traditionally large items are using renderings already to save costs associated with photographing huge products
  • The process for creating rendered product images can look a lot like a traditional photography process, except virtual
  • Current photographers, stylists, and other studio teams can provide invaluable input to help aid rendered imagery. We expect today’s studio teams to play a big role in the future of rendered imagery

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  • CGI: Computer-Generated Imagery
  • Rendering: The process involved in the generation of a two-dimensional or three-dimensional image from a model by means of application programs

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