The Power of Positivity on Set (with Cathi Singh)

Cathi Singh

Cathi Singh
Makeup Artist, FREELANCE

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Podcast Episode 48


Positivity is a powerful tool. Keeping a positive attitude can make or break just about any situation we might find ourselves in. This is equally as true in a photo studio as anywhere else. Cathi Singh is one of the most positive people I know and as a result, is a beloved figure on every crew we've worked together (it also helps to be an extremely talented make up artist). Cathi and I discuss her approach to keeping a positive attitude on set, why its so important to protect our emotional state when creating content, and her go-to methods for keeping calm and carrying on.

Key Takeaways

  • Makeup artists have a special skill, to create a bubble of calm in an otherwise chaotic situation. In a photo studio, this is a valuable resource that should be protected.
  • Positivity isn't always being chipper and upbeat, a big part of developing this skill is to have incredible self-awareness and know how to read the room.
  • Even for the most positive person, a bad day can be really bad. Have tools to help get you through, such as removing yourself momentarily from the situation.
  • Expectation setting can go a long way toward protecting an attitude of positivity. Ask the right questions and feel confident that the answers are clear.
  • Ego is one of the biggest killers of positivity on set. The crew must all work together to achieve their goals, there is no room for ego.

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