Thoughts on Studio Automation (with Marc Berenson)

Marc Berenson

Marc Berenson
Former Senior Photographer

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Podcast Episode 56


We've talked a lot on this podcast about agility, scalability and automation. It can sometimes sound like a huge undertaking to pivot a large in-house studio towards automated processes. Automation doesn't have to be a huge project. Automation can begin with the tools any studio is using today. Marc Berenson joins Daniel on the podcast for this episode to talk about some of his learnings during his time at Stanley Black and Decker, and what he's been working on since.

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Key Takeaways

  • Elevate the right people above the process, to assess the workflow, tools involved, and any existing scripts or automations being used ad hoc.
  • Build your automation like bricks in a wall. Make a good foundation and build from there.
  • It's possible to take automation too far, don't overdo it. If unexpected things are happening, you need a way out quickly.
  • Leverage the possibilities you have today. Then you standardize and now it's beginning to scale.
  • Stay tuned for part 2 with Marc where we meet the team involved in their scrappy automation efforts and talk about what they found.

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