What Is Customer Success (with Ryan Roberts of Pixelz)

Ryan Roberts

Ryan Roberts
Customer Success Director, PIXELZ

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Podcast Episode 46


It might seem kind of unusual to have an episode about Customer Success for our podcast, after all this is a podcast about creative production, not sales or SaaS or some of the other things you might think of when you hear the term Customer Success. But think about it like this. At the end of the day, customer success is really about asking the right questions, expectation setting, and continuous improvement. Being the person or team that asks “Why?” in order to determine what is the root cause and what is a symptom. Our Guest for this episode is Ryan Roberts, Customer Success Director, North America for Pixelz. We talk about all of these ideas, and we discuss how Customer Success connects with and overlaps other customer touch points, and what their ongoing role is in ensuring customers keep coming back.

Key Takeaways

  • What is Customer Success? In the modern age of SaaS style companies, customer success is about retaining customers beyond the initial sale, and making sure that your service is adding value to your customers, and retaining them for the long term.
  • Definitions of success can change from day to day. It's about priorities and expectations.
  • In a service business, success is deeply personalized by the customer.
  • The modern take on customer success was born out of the rise of Salesforce. Salesforce realized that without retention, continually adding customers would eventually reach a dead end.
  • It's not exclusive to software or SaaS. Anyone contract based business should concern themselves with the success of their customers.
  • You're always in a sales position with a company like this.
  • Customer Success is also about remembering to remove the bandaids. Use root cause analysis to drill down and uncover the why, to understand the correct solution.
  • The goal for a customer success manager at Pixelz is to figure out how things can be better for a customer.

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