Zoom Out, Reconnect, Improve (with Sean Arbabi of Pottery Barn Kids & Teen)

Sean Arbabi

Sean Arbabi
Color Manager

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Podcast Episode 60


Sean Arbabi joins Daniel on the podcast to talk about the relationships and disconnects that can happen between the studio and adjacent stakeholders. Sometimes you need a "zoomed out" that can help build fluency between departments and allow for more effective communication and facilitate problem solving.

Key Takeaways

  • It's all about inputs and outputs, and being aware of what impacts you have downstream, along with what upstream processes impact you.
  • Saying "I don't know" is powerful. You don't need to know and you're doing a disservice by trying to know
  • The "Fake it til you make it" attitude can exacerbate this
  • Real talk: The relationship between studio and merch team can sometimes be complicated. On this podcast we love our merch partners, but sometimes there is a lack of understanding of how a studio operates and that the approach to imaging requires the same type of project management as any other department.
  • When you aren't willing to say "I don't know" you risk oversimplifying someone else's role, and that can lead to friction and problems.

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