Product Release Notes

Every other week our amazing team of software engineers releases hundreds of iterations and additions to Creative Force.

Today’s release includes exciting updates for the retouchers out there. It's now easier than ever to find the information you need thanks to our new setting that allows you to ...
We’re thrilled to announce Copywriting for Creative Force, our latest extension that expands our end-to-end platform, to now include text-based content production.
Sprint 137 Release Note: Easier Photo Review settings, Box support in Editorial, UI updates, and key bug fixes. Happy sprint release day!
Sprint 136 Release Note: A new version of the Kelvin App, now in v5, introduces shot lists to the Creative Force workspace. Happy reading on sprint release day!
Sprint 135 Release Note: Launch of planning in Creative Force and other features. Happy reading on sprint release day! Streamline Your Production Calendar with Planning for ...
Sprint 134 Release Note: We can't wait for you to read about the new features we've been working on - enjoy!
Sprint 133 Release Note: New Amplience Connector, Expanded Support for Large Files, and more! Happy reading on sprint release day!
Sprint 132 Release Note: An Upgraded Asset Display Experience, HUE Legacy, and more! Happy reading on sprint release day!
Sprint 131 Release Note: Simplify Label Printing with New Sorting Options, and Streamline External Post-Production with New API-Enabled Options. Happy reading on sprint release ...
Sprint 130 Release Note: Edit products across multiple clients, better productivity with markup tool improvements, and more! We had another great sprint and are happy to share the ...
Sprint 129 Release Note: Updates to the Bulk QC and Editorial Review experience, and more! Happy reading on sprint release day!
Sprint 128 Release Note: Share for External Review for Editorial Projects, and more! Happy reading on sprint release day!
Sprint 127 Release Note: New Asynchronous Actions and Message Center, Promptly Reassign Tasks with our Kanban: Unassign Feature, and More! Happy Reading on Sprint Release day! Say ...
Sprint 126 Release Note: Editorial Extension Reports, Login via External Browsers, Single Sign-On with OneLogin, and more! Happy Sprint Release Day - We’re back with some great ...
Sprint 125 Release Note: New Brandquad Connector enables both PIM and DAM capabilities. Happy reading on sprint release day!
Sprint 124 Release Note: New Looklet Integration in Creative Force, Email Alerts for External Post Transfer Issues and more! Sprint 124 is live and ready for you! Happy Reading!
Sprint 123 Release Note: new copy function in Kelvin & Hue, new API endpoint to easily track progress, and more! Happy reading on sprint release day!
Sprint 122 Release Note: More Control when Configuring SSO Log-In Settings and Other Improvements. It's release day again! This time a shorter edition - but don't worry, we have ...
Sprint 121 Release Note: Move Products Between Jobs, Additional Review Step in Editorial, and much more! We’ve come out with some highly sought-after features - happy reading on ...
Sprint 120 Release Note: New Team On Set Report, New Resource User Report, and More! We’re back with another round of sprint release notes! Happy reading and Happy Valentine’s Day!
Sprint 119 Release Note: Effortlessly Filter Settings, Mark-up Instructions for Post-Production in Gamma, Greater Flexibility in Post-Production Workflows, and more! We’re back ...
Sprint 118 Release Note: Historical Event Log Access in Gamma, Improved User Onboarding, UI Updates, and more! Happy New Year everyone! We’re kicking off 2023 with some great new ...
Sprint 117 Release Note: Updates to the Selection Process in Editorial Workflows, New Connectors, and more! We’re back with another round of sprint release notes! Happy reading!
Sprint 116 Release Note: Pre-Selection in Gamma, Final Selection for Editorial Workflows, and more! We’re back with another round of sprint release notes! Happy reading!
Sprint 115 Release Note: Updated Marking Up Interface for Kelvin, Data Sources Moved to Studio Level, Crop & Rotate Updates, and More!
Sprint 114 Release Note: New Post-Production Workflow, Streamlined Menus for Improved Consistency, Faster Post-QC Image Loading, Plus a Whole Lot More! Happy reading on another ...
PDP Video Production Has Never Been Easier WHAT: The signature Creative Force values that photo content producers know and love - like faster time to market, higher throughput, ...
Sprint 112 Release Note: Easily Integrate (and Increase Automation) with New Public Editorial API, More Ways to Save Time with Location Barcodes, & Many More Improvements. ...
Sprint 111 release note: Major Upgrades to HUE, Greater Version Visibility for Style Guides & Workflows, 'Container' Improvements, Plus a Whole Lot More. Happy reading on ...
Sprint 110 Release Note: A Brand and App Visual Refresh, Upgrades to the 'Containers' Concept, and Many Other Updates and Improvements. Say hello to the new Creative Force logo ...
Sprint 109 Release Note: More Customization for Color References, Greater Flexibility for Post QC, Universal Scanning Updates, and Many Other Updates. Happy reading on sprint ...
Sprint 108 Release Note: Introduction of Universal Scanning, Upgraded Contact Sheets, Enhanced Filters, and Other Improvements. Happy reading on another Sprint Release Day! 🎉
Sprint 107 Release Note: More Powerful Filtering Options, Vendor Image Portal Performance Optimization, A Lot of Fixes and Other Updates. Happy reading on Sprint Release Day! 🎉
Sprint 106 Release Note: New Filtered View Options Enabled, Easily Update and Edit On Set Team Data, Plus Other Features & Improvements. We're back at it again with additional ...
Sprint 105 Release Note: Upgrading Our Post-production App for Photoshop, Editorial Production Improvements, More Powerful Markup Tools, and More.
Sprint 104 Release Note: Customizable Properties & Alerts, Faster Outfit Building, Additional Color References and Outfit Details, Plus Many More Improvements. Happy reading ...
Sprint 103 Release Note: Launch of EIP Support, Seamlessly Update Your Account Owner, Faster Mapping for Vendor Provided Imagery, and Other Improvements. Happy reading on Sprint ...
Sprint 102 Release Note: Location & Sublocation Data Improvements for Editorial Assets, 'Container' Enhancements for Bulk Sample Handling, and Much More. Happy reading on ...
Sprint 101 Release Note: New Workflow for Additional Rounds of Internal Post Production, Enhanced SSO Permission Control, and Other Improvements.
Sprint 100 Release Note: Our 100th Release Launches Sharable Saved Views, New Interface to Manage Product Category Triggers, Final Selection for Video, and more!
Sprint 99 Release Note: Control Variants Based on Conditions, More File Routing Options with Delivery Matrix, Bright River Connector, and More. We are back with another exciting ...
Sprint 98 Release Note: Introducing Cloud-based Video Production, Photo Review Feature Upgrade, and Other Exciting Improvements.
Sprint 97 Release Note: Launch of New Creative Force Academy Platform with Editorial Content Now Available, Plus Other Improvements and Fixes.
Sprint 95 & 96 Release Note: Easily Update Samples in Bulk with Launch of 'Containers', Introducing Samples for Editorial Projects, Plus Other New Features.
Sprint 94 Release Note: New Outfit-Based & User Overview Reports, Added Features for Check-in Flow, and Other Improvements
Sprint 93 Release Note: Role-Based Configuration for S3 Data Source Setup, Sharepoint Now Supported, and Other Improvements.
Sprint 92 Release Note: Single Sign-On (SSO) to Simplify Access, Workfront Integration Improvements, Performance Upgrades, and Bug Fixes. Merry Christmas, everybody! 🎄 We're back ...
Sprint 91 Release Note: Custom Production Types, Better Production Overview in Sample Screens, Workfront Connector for Editorial, and more! We're back with a super exciting ...
Sprint 90 Release Note: Additional Properties for Conditional Rules, Greater Creative Freedom in Editorial, Plus Other Improvements.
Sprint 88 Release Note: Even More Power with New Metadata Merge Fields, Streamlined Asset Filters, & Editorial Updates. We are back with another exciting release!
Sprint 87 Release Note: More Control Over Conditional Production, Greater Specificity for Task Filters, and Assets View for Editorial Projects. We are back with another exciting ...
Sprint 86 Release Note: Improved Color Reference Logic, Easily Reassign Image Positions, and Many Editorial Updates. We are back with another exciting release!
Sprint 85 Release Note: Launch of Editorial Projects Module to Support Elevated Campaign Shoots.
Sprint 84 Release Note: Quickly Surface Powerful Insights with Launch of Rejection Reports & Other Improvements. We are back with another exciting release!
Sprint 83 Release Note: Launch of Box Connector Offers Flexible Post-production Flows & More Asset Delivery Options. We are back with another exciting release!
Sprint 82 Release Note: More Control and Visibility for Stakeholders with Printable Style Guides, Plus Kelvin Speed Optimization. We are back with another exciting release!
Sprint 81 Release Note: Faster On-Set Check-in Flow, Even More Flexibility with Conditional Production Types, and More. We are back with another exciting release!
Sprint 80 Release Note: Announcing the Launch of New Editorial Module, Additional API Authentication Method, and More.
Sprint 79 Release Note: New Workload Dashboard for Photography, Bulk Edit Production Across Segments & More Keyboard Shortcuts.
Sprint 78 Release Note: Powerful Control with New Conditional Metadata Logic and More Speed on Set with New Kelvin Shortcuts. We're back with some awesome updates for all of you. ...
Sprint 77 Release Note: More Flexibility with New Data Source Integrations and Improved User Experience with Reference Images.
Sprint 76 Release Note: Even More Flexibility with New Hybrid Post-Production Workflow, Plus Other Improvements.
Sprint 75 Release Note: Launch of New Online Learning Platform: Creative Force Academy.
Sprint 74 Release Note: Faster Vendor Portal Product Mapping, SFTP Keys, and More Performance Upgrades.
Sprint 73 Release Note: Enriched Metadata for Backup Files, Enhanced Vendor Portal Features, and Mobile App Improvements.
Sprint 72 Release Note: Launch of New Capture One Integration Features.
Sprint 71 Release Note: Streamline Final Selection through Vendor Portal, Automatically Update Product State via API, and More.
Sprint 70 Release Note: Cover Image Enrichment, Improved Performance for Desktop Apps, & Editorial Feature Preview.
Sprint 68 Release Note: Launch of Cropping & Rotation Functionality, Introducing New Scanning Flow for Wardrobes, and the Addition of New APIs.
Sprint 67 Release Note: Quickly Identify Unassigned Tasks with New Filter, Easily Map Meta Properties to Bynder, and Support for Multiple Outfits in Kelvin.
Sprint 66 Release Note: Improved Outfit Creation, Simplified Task Cards Design, and More Available CSV Exports for Scanning Flows.
Sprint 65 Release Note: Platform Performance Upgrades, Improved Pre-Selection for Final Selection and Vendor Portal, and Elastic Search Optimization.
Sprint 64 Release Note: Launch of Workfront Connector, Integrations Overview, and Apply Workflow Updates. Sprint 64 is now live and ready for you!
Sprint 63 Release Note: Launch of Vendor Provided Imagery Portal, HUE UX Upgrades, and Improvements to Insights Dashboards.
Sprint 62 Release Note: Improvements to Performance & Productivity, Workflow and Style Guide UX Enhancements, and More Organizational Options for Kanban Views.
Sprint 61 Release Note: Launch of 'Triad' to Support Printing Direct to ZEBRA Printers, New Production View Filters, and Manage Your Wardrobe Styling Items.
Sprint 60 Release Note: Custom Insights Reports, Easily Invite New Users, and Faster Barcode Scanning.
Sprint 59 Release Note: New Kelvin Functionality, Conditional Style Guide Positions, Post-production Load Balancing, and Server Upgrades.
Sprint 58 Release Note: Improved Scanning Flow - with Check-in Alerts, Label Printing, and Property Updates - and New API to Easily Access Assets.
Sprint 57 Release Note: Streamlined Job Import Direct from Data Source, Optional Color References for External Post.
Sprint 56 Release Note: Re-Trigger Style Guides, Sample Check-in Data Capture, and Barcode String Manipulation.
Sprint 55 Release Note: Post-production QC Updates - Reference Images, Alerts, and Overlays - and Airtable Integration.
Sprint 54 Release Note: Workflow Updates, Simplified Post-production Flows, Delete a Job, Additional Filtering for Assets Hub.
Sprint 53 Release Note: Easily Update Style Guides, Reference Images for Outfit Building, Additional Merge Field Options for Asset Naming, and New Productivity Reports.
Sprint 52 Release Note: Reference Images for Consistent Styling and Photography, Improved Filtering in Assets Hub.
Sprint 51 Release Note: Direct Asset Delivery to Cloudinary, Add Uploaded Images to Final Selection and Photo Review, New Task Kanbans, Update a Sample's Location with a Scan.
Sprint 50 Release Note: Launch of Production View, Duplicate Digital Style Guides, New Work In Progress Report and Alerts for Insights.
Sprint 49 Release Note: Launch of 'Tasks' Kanban View, Update Product Data, and Import Wardrobe Products for Outfit Creation.
Sprint 48 Release Note: Bypass Option for External Post-production - and by Production Type and Style Guide Position - and New Duration Report for Cycle Times.
Sprint 47 Release Note: New Styling Wardrobe and Sample Management for Wardrobe Items, Create and Edit Outfits, & New Styling Report.
Sprint 46 Release Note: Asset Delivery Direct to Bynder & New Reports for FLOW, Progress, and User Logins.
Sprint 45 Release Note: Speedy Barcode Scans - with Audible Confirmation Alerts - and Post-production Updates Including Transparent Images and Background Color.
Sprint 44 Release Note: Improved Filters for Style Guides and Product - by State and Status - and New Hotkeys.
Sprint 43 Release Note: Simplified Metadata Schema Setup, Color Picking in Post QC, and Markup Instructions and Post Rejection Option.
Sprint 42 Release Note: Automated Metadata, Enhanced Search by Product Properties, and Faster Export with Saved Settings.
Sprint 41 Release Note: Two-Factor Authentication for All Apps, Product State and Status Updates.