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Creative Force Update #1

20% in one day — "pretty good" we'd say!

September 2018
🚀 🙌

It’s been a busy few months as we’ve worked very closely with our Lighthouse Programme participant to review their ways of working and demonstrate the value Creative Force will bring. The results were pretty amazing and we thought we should share them with you...


Our current participant is a major European retailer with an assortment width of around 1M products, producing imagery via a combination of in-house and outsourced photography. They place great emphasis on high quality, editorial style photography and any improvements in efficiency and productivity could not be delivered at the cost of image quality. Having reviewed the end to end process, we agreed that the on-set, model shoot process would be an area that could show significant and immediate benefits. Following detailed analysis, we set out to eradicate or optimise the following:

  • Manual file handling
  • Manual naming of files
  • Manual production progress tracking and monitoring
  • Manual quality checks (both quantitative and qualitative)
  • Switching between multiple applications and systems
  • Handover of files from/to the art director and the final selection process


The shoot process involved a two-stage image selection process, with the Photographer providing a pre-selected suite of images to the Art Director to make the final selection.


Kelvin (Desktop Application)

Our solution provided a Desktop Application (Kelvin) to review and import the pre-selected images.

A barcode scan identifies the product that has been shot and associates the selected images with the product data and Style Guide information residing in the database. Completing the pre-selection task uploads the images and creates a work package for the final selection step of the process.

Gamma (Web Application)

The Art Director completes the final selection step in the Creative Force Web Application (Gamma), allowing for this role to be conducted away from the set and in support of multiple sets. The Art Director’s tasks are presented in a simple Kanban view and the final selection process is supported by a star-rating and filter functionality to distill down to the preferred images. The Style Guide is presented in the final selection screen and the Art Director drags the selected images to correct position in the Style Guide. This will serve the workflow engine with the last pieces of information it needs, thereby enabling it to rename the files accurately and deliver them to the next step in the process.

20% cost savings per set

The trial production day, which also involved training the team on the new software, delivered these benefits:

  • 53% reduction in shoot to final image selection duration
  • 100% naming accuracy and complete image suites
  • Significant reduction in the utilisation of the shoot team:
    • 39% reduction for the Art Director
    • 84% reduction for the Digital Assistant

Based on the new workload balance, reorganising the existing team structure* to optimise role utilisation would result in savings of approximately 20% per set, per day.
*team structure: photographer, digital assistant, stylist, hair & make-up and art director

Get in touch

If you’d like to hear more about the process and see the software in action, please drop us a line at james@creativeforce.io and we’ll set up a call.