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Creative Force Update #3


Samples are a universal headache!

As we’ve identified in earlier updates, running an e-commerce studio can be tough without decent tools to support you. No-one would argue spreadsheets aren’t a decent tool, they just aren’t the correct one for the job of managing a studio. And certainly not for the complex task of tracking samples through the various locations and stages they move through...

In the absence of a sample management solution, studio teams are left trying to manage production with lots of unanswered questions….

  • Have all the planned samples arrived? Do I need to reschedule production?
  • Where in the studio is my sample?
  • The sample arrived damaged, can I still produce or do I need a new sample?
  • Have we returned the sample to the customer?
  • I’ve received an unidentified sample - how do I handle this?
  • ...

This all creates lots of uncertainty, inefficient processes and opportunity for error. And worst of all, wasted production resources planned to shoot samples that never arrived!

Welcome to Creative Force Sample Management!

That’s why we’ve created a sample management solution that gives you complete clarity of sample status and whereabouts but also allows you flexibility and control. Receive samples independently and create jobs from available samples or create a job and receive samples against it, monitoring the status of samples needed to fulfil the job.

Receive samples

Your customers or buying teams don’t provide barcode labels on the sample? Create and print your own labels including barcodes, add useful product data and attach them to the sample. Your Distribution Centre provide samples with barcode labels? That’s no problem either, we can just as easily use the existing labels to receive and track the samples.


Sample status and location

Clear indication if the sample has been received at the studio or not. Once received, scan your samples to containers (rails, boxes, cages, etc…) and track the movement of containers and samples through specific locations in your studio and when you’ve returned the sample to your customer - never lose a sample again!


Sample related job status

The bane of production planning, you are expecting 50 samples and only 30 arrive. CF informs you of these exceptions immediately and allows you to act proactively to resolve. Say farewell to expensive production resources being wasted…

Damaged Samples?

Identify damaged samples - mark as not suitable for photography or make notes for the photography or post-production teams to address the issue.

Unidentified samples

Any samples not associated with an existing job can be received into CF with basic details (client, product type, iPhone photo etc) and then quarantined whilst you clarify with your client what product the sample is associated with and the correct next step

In short, Creative Force will handle your existing sample management requirements and has been designed in such a way that it can support future sample needs you or we haven’t yet identified!

Get in touch

If you’d like to hear more about our approach to sample management and see the software in action, please drop us a line at james@creativeforce.io and we’ll set up a call.