Ensuring the right people and products are on the right sets at the right time is a complex logistical puzzle for every studio.

To address this challenge, Creative Force is debuting a new extension: Planning & Resources, the talent and resource management solution for studio teams at eCommerce brands and retailers.

In this demo and Q&A, Creative Force Chief Evangelist Daniel Jester and Product Manager Sarah Uriarte will share how Planning & Resources enables studios to schedule talent, sets, products, and production tasks in a single, dynamic production calendar. With Planning, studios are able to allocate resources more effectively, increase productivity, and improve visibility across studio operations.

In this 1-hour demo, we’ll cover:

  • Overview of the new Planning production calendar 
  • Assigning existing Creative Force production tasks to a schedule
  • Building hybrid teams of internal employees, freelancers, models, and other vendors for each shoot
  • Booking sets and assigning production types
  • Tracking production progress in real-time
Stay tuned for a live Q&A after the demo to get all your Planning & Resources questions answered.
Daniel Jester
Chief Evangelist
Creative Force
Sarah Uriarte
Product Specialist
Creative Force