Demystifying Post-Production (with Rob DiCaterino of Square)

Rob DiCaterino

Rob DiCaterino
Photo Post Production Producer, SQUARE

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Podcast Episode 16


Rob DiCaterino joins Daniel to discuss post-production at scale and how to demystify the process for key stakeholders in your organization.

Key Takeaways

  • Post-production is an often misunderstood element in an already complex process.
  • Post-production encompasses everything that happens to an asset after the production (photo/video shoot) has occurred.
  • Post-production does include retouching and photoshop work, but also MANY technical steps are included as well. Before an image is ever opened in Photoshop, many technical aspects of the asset need to be addressed or confirmed.
  • A big part of post-production is Quality Assurance - making sure the images are correct in every way.
  • Post-production needs to be involved in the content production process as early as possible. Every decision that happens in pre-production and on-set can have a HUGE impact on post production teams, and often can result in budget overruns or missed deadlines.
  • To keep post-production on time, and manageable, you MUST have a process in place that is followed. It sounds like common sense, but it is often overlooked.
  • A robust process with automations can help prevent errors in a process that moves quickly and simple errors are magnified.
  • SET EXPECTATIONS FOR POST-PRODUCTION. This is critical to a smooth process and staying on budget and hitting your deadline.
  • If you're going to promise to the client, provide the resources to meet that promise.

Links & Resources


  • Metadata Tagging - In content production assets can be "tagged" with text information that helps describe the image or usage. This text info stays with the image and carries through to asset delivery
  • Rounds of Review - An opportunity for a client or stakeholder to review images after editing and make notes or changes.
  • Technical Image Requirements - All of the objective characteristics of an image. Pixel Dimension, Resolution, Aspect Ratio, Metadata, Colorspace, etc.

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