Accelerate your copywriting workflow

Manage and execute text-based asset production alongside the rest of your creative content in an AI-powered platform


Ensure a faster, easier, and more collaborative production process

Manage and execute text-based assets alongside the rest of your production workflow
Customize when, where, and how your teams deliver on every copy request

Real-time tracking for better oversight and control of work processes


Eliminate Workflow Bottlenecks

  • Build content in a customizable grid layout
  • Pre-configure fields for standardized content such as care instructions and color
  • Easily reference already-produced visual assets
  • Automatically trigger new copywriting tasks as visual assets become available

Control Text Production from Beginning to End

  • Standardized flows ensure assignments are always delivered to requirements
  • Track real-time status at the product or task level
  • Define delivery options such as json or csv
  • On-the-spot quality control means faster delivery and fewer mistakes

Enrich with Artificial Intelligence

Paired with, Copywriting helps your teams ideate and iterate written content faster than ever before.

  • Auto-generate product descriptions that can be designed to match your organization’s tone and voice
  • Machine learning algorithms learn and improve the more you use them
  • Native integration into the Creative Force platform

Track Performance with Real-Time Insights

Visually monitor and identify areas of improvement across your entire Copywriting workflow with three unique dashboards:

  • Production tracks throughput across tasks and team members
  • Cycle Time breaks down how long tasks are taking, quantifying overall efficiency
  • Edit Reasons provides insight into common feedback patterns across all written content
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Introducing Copywriting

With Copywriting for Creative Force, creative teams can now create the full product story—images, video, and text—in one platform. 

Copywriters can start as soon as a product image is captured, eliminating delays. Say goodbye to building text-based assets in PIMs and spreadsheets.

Streamline and Control Seamless Text-Based Asset Production

Copywriting is often the “odd one out” in terms of content production. Scattered across a variety of locations such as PIMs, spreadsheets, and word documents – and often reliant on the physical product to start working – copywriting is regularly a bottleneck for getting new PDP pages launched. This is only made more difficult by the fact that text-based assets are often managed by a separate team than visual assets like photos and video.
With Copywriting by Creative Force, we’ve centralized all asset production – visual and text – into our industry-leading workflow automation platform, giving eCommerce brands and retailers the ability to truly oversee, accelerate, and track Copywriting production from beginning to end.
This is accomplished in two ways: 

  1. Customizable workflow settings that can be tailored to meet every organization’s unique style guide requirements and processes, making Copywriting truly “turn-key.” 
  2. Built-in data analytics that allow for complete tracking of the most important performance metrics for your organization, such as throughput and quality.
The end result is clear: easier, faster, and more collaborative asset production across your organization. Copywriting turns what would normally be a bottleneck into a concurrent process, enriched by AI, that drastically improves the ways your teams work while also increasing the quality of what you put on your site.

Ready for the next stage of Copywriting?

Our experts will show you how Creative Force can streamline your own content production and transform copywriting into a profit-driver for your organization. Reduce bottlenecks and get content online faster today.

  • Centralize copywriting and the rest of your content assets in one platform
  • Faster and more collaborative production processes
  • Increase operational oversight and control