Sample Management

Know (exactly) where your samples are

Use barcodes and advanced search features to track samples throughout production


Nothing falls through the cracks

Scan barcodes with your scanner or smartphone to easily track samples across locations and projects

Unlimited locations, sublocations, and containers organize and track the physical flow of samples

Faster sample check-in and out, with audible alerts, rule-based flow logic, and on-the-spot data edits

Barcode Scanning

Whether using existing sample barcodes or creating new ones in Creative Force, barcodes are an essential tool for organizing, tracking, and managing the samples flowing through your studio.

Samples are checked in and out with a standard handheld scanner or a smartphone. Every scan is associated with a location, so you'll immediately be able to follow samples as they move around the studio and get total visibility into production progress.

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Designed to Handle Volume

Whether shooting 100 or 100,000 samples, your team will be able to handle the volume while staying organized.

In Creative Force, sample management is built into every workflow. Barcodes enable team members to track every sample throughout the entire production process, from check-in to on-set to storage and more. Plus stakeholders get full visibility with real-time updates.

Locations & Containers

Organize your studio into unlimited locations and sublocations (for example, receiving rack, styling, small cove, or outbound) for detailed tracking. Use virtual containers to track, move, and check-in samples in bulk.

Creative Force captures all relevant data and allows you to verify or edit the information on-the-fly, avoiding costly, time-consuming mistakes downstream.

You'll even have a detailed, time-stamped event log for each sample, making it easy to identify any bottlenecks in your studio.

Features for peace of mind

Sample coordinators, prep teams, and producers: imagine your day without spreadsheets or panicked "we're missing a sample on set" calls.

Data capture and verification during check-in
Custom labels with bespoke properties
Unlimited locations and sublocations, both internal and external
Unique container barcodes for rails, boxes, racks, and more
Audible alerts when scanning to speed up the process
Quick actions via the Creative Force mobile app
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“Creative Force has enabled us to streamline our sample management and asset delivery. This has empowered us to offer an improved client experience, which in turn has helped us grow our business.”

Maxine Fertig-Cohen

Maxine Fertig-Cohen

Director of Photo Production, Nuuly

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Check out these short videos from our Chief Evangelist Daniel Jester to learn more about Sample Management in Creative Force.

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Questions? Let's ... expand.

How does Creative Force work?

To simplify things a bit, Creative Force enables and elevates what we call flow production – a collaborative and continuous way of producing content at scale, where assets are moved individually through the many stages of production, as soon as they're ready.

This is in contrast to traditional batch production, where a single production stage is completed for all assets before they advance to the next step. Flow production eliminates bottlenecks and hold-ups, and Creative Force supercharges that concept with automation, metadata enrichment, integrated review tools, and so much more.

How is Creative Force different?

Let's first differentiate between studio software and studio management software. Creative Force is studio management software that optimizes the processes around specific areas of studio operations, like sample management or post-production management – in some cases by integrating directly with studio software your team uses daily, such as Capture One or Photoshop.

Other studio software solutions do a fine job of solving problems within particular, well-defined areas of operation. But only Creative Force takes a holistic approach to studio operations and provides the tools to effectively increase productivity and visibility across the entire content creation process.

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Who can use Creative Force?

Creative Force is built to meet the needs of brands, retailers, and commercial studios engaged in high-volume content creation for eCommerce or editorial projects. If you work professionally with any of the above, chances are you'd see remarkable improvements to your workflows with Creative Force.

Every team from studio intake to styling to capture to post-production and beyond will benefit from the extensive workflow automation, increased production visibility, and many collaboration tools.

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