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Is There a Real Alternative to Creative Force? 

No, not really, but we may be biased… Looking for a workflow solution to create content at scale is daunting. And if you’ve been searching, you know that there’s a lot being said about what products out there are capable of. If you’re ready to automate more processes, expedite your delivery, and do it all at a higher quality, you’re in the right place. That being said, we’re happy to help you compare.

Before you consider any alternative to Creative Force, ask yourself these 8 questions:


Question 1

Is there onboarding and training available?

With Creative Force, you’ll have a personal onboarding with our customer success team as well as the Creative Force Academy with detailed courses for key features. From the beginning, you’ll have the tools you need to be successful.


Question 2

Is it SOC 2 Type II compliant? 

We know that maintaining high organizational and security standards is important to our clients, so we made sure to get the most comprehensive certification available. You can be sure that your sensitive data is safe with Creative Force and our SOC 2 Type II Compliance


Question 3

Do they have ongoing support? 

Not only does Creative Force have ongoing support through the customer success team, but on the bottom right of most pages is a chat button with a median response time of less than one minute. We understand that when you have a question, you need a response now, not in 3-5 business days.

Question 4

How often is it updated? 

There are a lot of incredible programs out there and many of them are great right out of the box. We believe that Creative Force is one of those programs. That being said, almost every two weeks, like clockwork, we release hundreds of iterations and additions to the program. Read through our Product Release Notes.


Question 5

Does it include sample management? 

With content creation, it’s important to always know exactly where your samples are. Creative Force uses barcodes, advanced search features, and more for easy check-in and -out, audible alerts, rule-based flow logic, and on-the-spot data edits. We’re ready for whatever volume you are. 

Question 6

Will it work with video? 

With more and more opportunities with video, it’s important that your workflow solution is versed in both photography and videography, including the entire end-to-end production of it. You can be assured that Creative Force is ready to handle all of your video needs.


Question 7

Does it integrate with the systems I already use?

Adobe Photoshop, Capture One, Pixelz, Amazon, Box, Google, Bynder, and so many more! We know that we’re not the only program in your tech stack and we’ve integrated with a lot of them to make the workflow even smoother. This year we’re adding even more. If you have anyone else we should consider, please reach out.

Question 8

Is it truly an end-to-end platform? 

There are a lot of programs that claim they’re 'end-to-end' but take a closer look. Creative Force actually is end-to-end: from pre-production and planning to post-production and delivery, all in one platform, giving you a single source of truth for production. We’re there from the beginning to the end to make sure your workflow is as efficient as possible.

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Creative Force is your true end-to-end alternative to Atellio, Flo, Global Edit, Shotflow, SpinMe, Studio Bridge, Assetflow, and Workhorse.
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