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Scale content production while maintaining your brand's unique identity

Increase operational visibility with real-time status updates and data-driven reports

Ensure a consistent brand aesthetic across international markets and online marketplaces

Single source of truth for all photo and video production, from brief to final delivery

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Maintain a consistent brand identity

  • Integrated style guides for alignment and adherence to brand guidelines
  • Robust selects, QC, and review & approval steps guarantee final assets meet brand standards
  • Color references for consistency across product images
Boohoo Set

Case study

Boohoo Minimized Errors to Maximize Output

Explore how Boohoo harnessed the power of automation to shorten production times and empower teams to focus on creativity and output, rather than administration.

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Maximize efficiency with workflow automation

Keep your team lean and agile with repeatable workflows that standardize asset production and eliminate manual work.

  • Leverage automation for file naming, color control, post-production work, selection steps, and more
  • Store and hand off files automatically with unlimited cloud-based storage
  • Automate the production of vendor-produced images to meet the specific requirements of diverse markets and online marketplaces

Stay on-brand with review and approvals

Streamline the asset review process by aggregating feedback in a single platform.

  • Automatically route files for review with predefined workflows
  • Reviewers can approve, reject, and provide detailed mark-ups and instructions
  • Invite anyone with an email address to review assets before delivery. No Creative Force account is required. (Editorial Projects only)

Manage and track product samples

Prevent costly reshoots with real-time updates on the status and location of samples.

  • Scan barcodes to track samples across locations and projects
  • Quickly check samples in and out with smart workflows
  • Track the physical flow of samples with unlimited locations, sublocations, and containers

Industry-leading solutions for common brand challenges

Off-brand deliverables
Visual assets that don’t reflect your brand’s unique look and feel can result in costly reshoots or harm brand perception, confuse customers, and undermine recognition and loyalty. Meanwhile, it’s a significant communication challenge to make sure all team members and freelancers involved in production are up-to-date on the latest brand guidelines, especially if there are last-minute changes.
Enforce creative consistency with style guides and review processes

Robust style guides with required shot lists, reference images, color references, and retouching briefs make it easier for production teams to adhere to brand guidelines during every step of production.

Rigorous selects, QC, and review processes ensure consistent quality control and enforcement of brand standards across all visual materials.

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Missing and lost samples
Studio teams often work with thousands of samples, some of which can inadvertently get misplaced or lost. Often, there's a lack of visibility into which samples have arrived at the studio in the first place. These missing samples lead to lost productivity, missing product shots, and costly reshoots.
Sample management

Our full-featured sample management solution ensures your team gets real-time visibility into which samples are checked-in and where they’re located. Follow samples as they move around the studio and get total visibility into production progress.

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Inconsistent color in product images
Variables like lighting, camera calibration, discrepancies in post-production editing, and more can cause color discrepancies when shooting the same product. Inconsistent color in product images can lead to lower sales, increased product returns, and negatively impact consumer perception of brand quality.
Color references

Our advanced post-production workflows enable teams to build a dedicated step focused on color control, ensuring optimal color management throughout the editing process.

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Manual feedback processes
Sharing visuals for review can be complex, involving manual processes and disconnected tools like sending contact sheet PDFs via email, uploading files to cloud drives like Box or Dropbox, or using third-party tools like or Workfront Proof. Often, people need to be physically present to make selects.Consolidating feedback is also a time-consuming process that requires juggling review tools, email, chat, and shared spreadsheets to track progress.
Selects, QC, and review & approval workflows

Integrated review and collaboration tools make collaboration seamless. With intuitive gallery views and the ability to add visual mark-ups, detailed instructions, and ratings, teams can collaborate in context, ensuring clear communication and efficient sharing of feedback. 

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Lack of operational visibility
Efficient production planning requires real-time and detailed visibility into tasks and their status. However, teams are often working with a variety of disconnected tools and manual spreadsheets, making it challenging to get a quick snapshot on the status of assets.
Data-driven reporting and insights

Creative Force captures data during every step of the production process, enabling brands to measure valuable information, such as sample status, asset throughput, rejection rates, vendor turnaround times, and much more.

Overview reports with customizable filters make it easy to get real-time updates and generate data-driven reports for leadership.

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Scale Effortlessly
Scaling output without scaling your team is a delicate balance.
(Brand) new solution

Increase your creative output without the need for additional headcount.

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Smarter Sample Management
Managing physical samples digitally is often fraught with errors.
(Brand) new solution

With our powerful, error-free system, managing physical samples becomes a breeze.

Streamlined Onboarding
Integrating new team members seamlessly can slow momentum.
(Brand) new solution

Digital style guides and workflows make onboarding seamless, keeping your team's creative energy flowing.

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A Post-Production Powerhouse
Managing post-production can be chaotic without clear visibility and insights.
(Brand) new solution

Streamline your post-production with granular reporting and actionable insights, making chaos a thing of the past.

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