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Become More Efficient

With unclear information, distractions, communication breakdowns, and disconnected, manual workflows, it’s a constant challenge to deliver creative projects on time.

Creative Force helps your team regain control and be more productive.

Common Obstacles

What's the problem (and our solution)?

Scattered and unclear information
Information regarding projects is delivered across multiple documents, sheets, project management systems, email, PDFs, and more. Time spent on manual hand-offs and tracking down explanations creates delays.
Our Solution: A Single Source of Truth
Creative Force is the single source of truth for projects. All information is included in style guides and reference images directly in the platform. Hand-offs are handled automatically using predefined, automated workflows.
Constant distractions
If you have to search for lost files or wait for something to be delivered, your “state of flow” gets interrupted, reducing productivity.. According to studies,, it takes 25 minutes to get back into your work “flow” when you’ve been interrupted.
Our Solution: Workflow Automation
With Creative Force, the next task is automatically lined up for team members to pick and work on. Team members are less distracted because their task pipeline, including all the materials and files they need to execute their jobs, is always right in front of them
Large projects are complex to manage and complete
Teams can get overwhelmed by large projects with hundreds, or even thousands, of tasks. It takes significant time for the team to understand, scope, execute, and complete each task. Often, tasks and small details are inadvertently missed, leading to incomplete work.
Our Solution: Flow Production
Flow production in Creative Force allows large projects to be broken down into small, discrete tasks. This allows for better organization, division of labor, and real-time tracking, ensuring the project is completed on time.
Failure to prioritize
Sometimes team members end up working on tasks that aren't a priority because of a lack of communication or because task priority has not been clearly defined.
Our Solution: Automated Task Lists
With Creative Force, priority is defined before work starts so tasks are completed in the right order. This means there's no confusion about what needs to be done first and everything is delivered in the right order.
Manual data entry and tracking
Valuable production time is wasted manually updating data and waiting for scripts and batch jobs to be ready.
Our solution: Automated File Handling
Creative Force automatically tracks progress through production and pushes assets to the next step. Most steps require no user input, meaning work gets done quicker with fewer mistakes.

A closer look

Taking Back Lost Time and Gaining More Productivity

No studio wants to lose productivity during production due to scattered information (both physical and digital), constant interruptions, complicated projects, poor task prioritization, and manual data entry.

Creative Force was designed to streamline asset creation and management, offering teams the ability to define customized workflows and enhance productivity. Workflows are essential processes that guide the flow of samples and product records during asset creation, ensuring an efficient and organized system. When coupled with the power of automation, these workflows enable businesses to maximize the benefits of the Creative Force platform, ultimately saving time and boosting productivity.

Every studio follows some kind of workflow, but not all processes are clearly defined and documented. Creative Force transforms these often abstract ideas into well-structured, defined paths that fully leverage customization and automation capabilities. Within the platform, a workflow guides the process that samples and assets follow, detailing aspects such as production type, image selection, post-production processes, and final asset delivery.

Broad or Specific Workflows: Catering to Your Needs

Creative Force provides the flexibility to set up as many workflows as needed. Workflows work in conjunction with style guides to automatically assign product records to the appropriate workflow. A broad workflow accommodates a wide array of products, while a specific workflow is tailored to particular products, brands, or clients. This adaptability ensures that your workflows are best suited to your unique business needs.

Maximize Efficiency with Clearly Defined Workflows, Style Guides, and Post-Production Processes

When combined with a style guide, a broad workflow can capture a wide range of product types, while a specific workflow focuses on distinct products, brands, or clients. This integration enables seamless communication between workflows and style guides, further enhancing productivity and efficiency within the asset creation process.

Creative Force offers various resources, including videos that provide in-depth information on style guides and post-production. These resources help users understand how the platform can streamline production, allowing teams to focus less on administrative tasks and more on the creative work they are passionate about.

Putting it All Together

When using Creative Force, workflows are defined in advance, so each step in the process is clearly defined and assets are automatically routed to the next step. Many of the tasks that previously took multiple people on the team hours to complete are now automated. This structure increases productivity, reduces errors, and creates a step-by-step outline of the entire journey for studios to follow. 

Creative Force was developed with the goal of helping studios simplify tasks and establish an efficient workflow. It enables your studio to get more work done in less time, while also preventing costly errors and reshoots, both of which can have a significant impact on your bottom line

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Feature Focus

Smart Workflows

Workflows are a fundamental feature in Creative Force. They are specific sequences and predetermined routes that samples and products follow throughout the entire production.

With workflow automation, Creative Force enables your team to be more efficient, getting more done in less time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Creative Force work?

To simplify things a bit, Creative Force enables and elevates what we call flow production – a collaborative and continuous way of producing content at scale, where assets are moved individually through the many stages of production, as soon as they're ready.

This is in contrast to traditional batch production, where a single production stage is completed for all assets before they advance to the next step. Flow production eliminates bottlenecks and hold-ups, and Creative Force supercharges that concept with automation, metadata enrichment, integrated review tools, and so much more.

How is Creative Force different?

Let's first differentiate between studio software and studio management software. Creative Force is studio management software that optimizes the processes around specific areas of studio operations, like sample management or post-production management – in some cases by integrating directly with studio software your team uses daily, such as Capture One or Photoshop.

Other studio software solutions do a fine job of solving problems within particular, well-defined areas of operation. But only Creative Force takes a holistic approach to studio operations and provides the tools to effectively increase productivity and visibility across the entire content creation process.

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Who can use Creative Force?

Creative Force is built to meet the needs of brands, retailers, and commercial studios engaged in high-volume content creation for eCommerce or editorial projects. If you work professionally with any of the above, chances are you'd see remarkable improvements to your workflows with Creative Force.

Every team from studio intake to styling to capture to post-production and beyond will benefit from the extensive workflow automation, increased production visibility, and many collaboration tools.

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