Content Production Management for eCommerce Retailers

Reduce time-to-market for eCommerce product photography, video, and copywriting.


Launch products in days, not weeks

Increase operational visibility with real-time status updates and data-driven reporting

Reduce turnaround time by eliminating manual tasks with workflow automation

Decrease cost-per-asset by reducing rejections with style guides, selects, QC, and review & approval steps

Increase eCommerce sales and reduce returns using the existing studio capacity to produce more, higher quality PDP product images and video

Built for scale

Do more with current capacity using efficient, repeatable workflows that standardize asset production and eliminate manual work.

  • Leverage automation for sample check-in, file naming and handling, selection steps, post-production tasks, final asset delivery, and more
  • Handoff files automatically at the completion of each production step, speeding up delivery times
  • Review assets from anywhere in the cloud
  • Never run out of space with unlimited cloud-based storage
  • Single source of truth for content production, from sample to product display page (PDP)

Case study


Explore how global retailer BESTSELLER doubled their studio size and drastically cut lead times by implementing Creative Force, revolutionizing their operational efficiency and enabling data-driven decision-making.

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Shorten time-to-list while ensuring quality and consistency

  • Integrated style guides ensure a uniform look and feel across visual content
  • Robust selects, QC, and review & approval steps reduce rejections
  • Reviewers can approve, reject, and provide detailed mark-ups and retouching instructions
  • Color references reinforce consistency across product images

Manage and track product samples

No more missing or lost samples with real-time updates on their status and location.

  • Scan barcodes to track samples across locations and projects
  • Quickly check samples in and out with smart workflows
  • Track the physical flow of samples with unlimited locations, sublocations, and containers

Connect your existing eCommerce tech stack with industry-leading integrations

  • Capture One
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • PIMs (Product Information Management systems) like Akeneo, Pimberly, Wesual
  • DAMs (Digital Asset Management systems) like Amplience, Brandfolder, Bynder, Cloudinary, Talkoot, Box, and Tessa
  • Retouching vendors like Pixelz, Bright River, and Schnell Media

Industry-leading solutions for common retailer challenges

Slow time-to-market
Turnaround time is a critical metric for retailers. From the moment a sample arrives at the studio until the final assets are delivered, retailers are losing money on products that are in stock, but not live on the website.
Continuous “flow” production

Based on the principle of “flow production”, Creative Force moves each asset to the next step in production automatically, without the need to wait for an entire batch of tasks to be complete.

In a typical eCommerce content production scenario, this means that as soon as an on-set team selects images for a given product, the assets can be automatically routed to an art director to review and approve (or reject). Once the AD approves, the assets can be sent to post-production for any immediate retouching. 

Creative Force also provides clear visibility of upcoming demand and launch deadlines. 

Retailers can incorporate live stock information from eCommerce platforms as actionable data, which enables studios to prioritize urgent products.

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Missing and lost samples
Studio teams often work with thousands of samples, some of which can inadvertently get misplaced or lost. Often, there's a lack of visibility into which samples have arrived at the studio in the first place. These missing samples lead to lost productivity, missing product shots, and costly reshoots.
Sample management

Our full-featured sample management solution ensures your team gets real-time visibility into which samples are checked-in and where they’re located. Follow samples as they move around the studio and get total visibility into production progress.

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Incorrect or missing product imagery
Retailers shoot thousands of product images and videos per day. At such high volume, the potential for human error and missing information is great and the repercussions are severe: Expensive reshoots or, worse, a product going live without the right content, resulting in decreased sales and higher return rates.
Dynamic Production Planning

Planning by Creative Force empowers your studio teams to plan out every production shoot in advance. With an intuitive planning calendar that brings together studio managers and in-studio teams into a shared view - along with built-in shot lists and production tasks that update automatically as plans change - Planning takes the guesswork out of content production so production teams can always deliver to-task.

Leadership can also track shoot progress in real-time, delivering higher operational visibility and catching unfinished work before it has a chance to impact your bottom line.

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Post-production errors
Post-production errors, such as retouching mistakes or difficulty locating the correct files, can cause delays in the final delivery of assets. To add to the complexity, many retailers use external vendors for retouching tasks. It’s a significant operational challenge to transfer thousands of assets back and forth to third parties while effectively communicating retouching notes and requirements and ensuring quality results.
Clearly-defined post-production workflows

Creative Force streamlines the process of delegating and tracking retouching tasks, whether you use an internal team, external vendors, or a combination of both.

Automated QC and contextual markups and instructions ensure retouchers have all the information they need at their fingertips, minimizing errors and rejections.

For external vendors, Creative Force automatically hands off files to the vendor and routes the finished work for quality control checks. Creative Force also has integrations with industry-leading post-production vendors like Pixelz, Bright River, Schnell Media, and more.

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Lack of operational visibility
Efficient production planning requires real-time and detailed visibility into tasks and their status. However, retailers are often working with a variety of disconnected tools and manual spreadsheets to track progress, making it challenging to get a quick snapshot of the status of product imagery.
Data-driven reporting and insights

Creative Force captures data during every step of the production process, enabling retailers to measure valuable information, such as sample status, asset throughput, rejection rates, vendor turnaround times, and much more.

Overview reports with customizable filters make it easy to get real-time updates and generate data-driven reports for leadership.

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Scale Effortlessly
Scaling output without scaling your team is a delicate balance.
(Brand) new solution

Increase your creative output without the need for additional headcount.

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Smarter Sample Management
Managing physical samples digitally is often fraught with errors.
(Brand) new solution

With our powerful, error-free system, managing physical samples becomes a breeze.

Streamlined Onboarding
Integrating new team members seamlessly can slow momentum.
(Brand) new solution

Digital style guides and workflows make onboarding seamless, keeping your team's creative energy flowing.

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A Post-Production Powerhouse
Managing post-production can be chaotic without clear visibility and insights.
(Brand) new solution
Streamline your post-production with granular reporting and actionable insights, making chaos a thing of the past.

Streamline your post-production with granular reporting and actionable insights, making chaos a thing of the past.

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